Tim Tebow is Chuck Norris

Tim Tebow has barely played a handful of games in professional football and he's already both one of the most popular and most hated figures in sports. The fact that his jersey sales have slipped from No. 1 to No. 10 made top headline news on Yahoo.com. He is an enigma, a Tyler Derden of sorts ... looked on as a mythological level savior to some and a destructive waste of good intentions to others. I personally like the kid, but as Denver fan, I weep for his roster spot. This is insanity, and given that manic love/hate opinion every seems to have, I present a bi-polar Chuck Norris style breakdown of the good, the bad and the funny that is ... Tim Tebow.

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For the supporters:

-Tim Tebow can physiologically give 110%
-Infinity was invented to describe Tim Tebow's AQ - Awesome Quotient.
-Tim Tebow can actually throw a football over a mountain.
-Jesus wears a WWTTD bracelet.
-Tim Tebow would give you the shirt off his back, even if he wasn't wearing one.
-Florida is considering renaming the mascot the Fightin Tebows.
-The Denver Broncos chose their colors because they knew Tebow looked good in orange and blue.
-Tim Tebow bleeds charisma, and Gatorade.
-Tim Tebow is so fast he can throw a 60-yard touchdown to himself.
-The Florida Gator media guide is now divided into eras ... BTT and ATT.
-George Clooney thinks Tim Tebow is sexy.
-Tim Tebow could correct ALL my grammatical errors.

For the haters:

-Tim Tebow has never seen the broad side of a barn ... neither have any of his passes.
-Michael Jordan taught Tim Tebow how to throw a football. Tebow taught Jordan how to hit a baseball.
-If Brady Quinn broke his shoe lace, Tim Tebow has a third string to give him.
-Tim Tebow has a fantasy football team, er should I say a fantasy of a career on a football team.
-Piers Morgan just X'd Tim Tebow.
-Tebow's Heisman trophy has a more fluid throwing motion.
-Tebow does have a future in Denver ... as an enforcer for the Avalanche.
-And you thought Matt Leinart peaked in college ...
-Eric Crouch will get more playing time on a professional football team this year.
-Tim Tebow has had so many concussions already that he has "50 First Dates" syndrome. He wakes up every day not remembering that he sucks.
-The only Target Tebow will hit is to pick up groceries.

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